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    Davis Community Network is a nonprofit organization that provides internet-related services and support to local nonprofit organizations, public agencies, schools and individuals. We’re putting the power of the internet in the hands of people and organizations to connect, engage, and build a stronger community.
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    We offer online tools & resources that help local organizations and institutions use the internet to be more effective, and we offer training and support in the use of these tools. Your first step? Check out the Resource Allocation Committee, and learn how you can apply for assistance with any of the following:

    Nonprofit Internet Toolkit

    The Nonprofit Internet Toolkit offers a variety of tools, resources, classes and support that enhance a nonprofit’s effectiveness in serving its mission.
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    SimpleSites are ready-to-install website templates that are easy for an organization to maintain, and support modern web-based applications.
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    Web Calendar

    The Web Calendar can be installed on an organization's website, promotes events and activities, and can also automatically link to the Davis Community Calendar.

    Mailing Lists

    E-Mail lists are an effective and efficient way of communicating with groups of any size. DCN offers both announcement & discussion lists.
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    • Davis Joint Unified School District
    • Davis Virtual Market
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